Lava Drop Jack White III

Lava Drop Jack White III

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Lava Drop Jack White III

The Birth of Lava Drop Jack White III

First of all, the number 3 was the foundation of this instrument. The number, that defines most of the aesthetics in the world. Therefore, 3 different wood species were used to craft the instrument. Each of them came from 3 different continents. The Sapele, Ebony and Lithuanian Maple (a spice of Lithuanian energy) form the neck-through construction.

Custom inlays constructs the number 3 JW signature. Instrument has 25.5 inch scale.

Incorporated 3 boutique vintage sounding Haeussel mini humbuckers which have many tone possibilities, including split function and 6 free way toggle switch.

And the aluminum. The idea to use it for the contour is one of Lava Drops signature marks. 3 mm of aluminum reinforce the instrument with longer note sustain and more vibration. Woods and metals twist into the final and unique tone. The three colours twist into the unique looks: blue – the deep inspirational dive of creativity, opening new horizons of unlimited passion in a combination with rare book-matched Flamed Maple instrument top; black – tradition and minimalism in one, sustaining the movement of the flowing fingers; and chrome/aluminum- modern, industrial view of innovation for brave ideas and ambitious personality.


We have a huge variety of custom options available – please contact us for each project separately.

Lava Drop Jack White III Lava Drop Jack White III
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Top material:
Flame Maple Book-matched top
Body Material:
5 pieces for neck-through Mahogany, Maple
Fingerboard material:
Back cover:
Stainless Stell
Scale lenght:
25,5 inch
Neck reinforcements:
2 Carbon Fibber Rods and Dual Action Truss rod
Body finish:
transparent high gloss
Top finish:
aquamarine gloss
Haeussel mini Humbuckers
Graph tech
Nut width:
43 mm
Tuning machines:
Hipshot Locking Tuners
Volume & Tone control / Push-pull, 6 way pickup selector
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