Black Bass Aluminum Drop X

Black Bass Aluminum Drop X

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Black Bass Aluminum Drop X

The Black Bass Aluminum Drop X

Crafted from Canadian Maple neck-through construction in a combination with aircraft grade aluminum contour. The Lava Drops signature mark to improve sustain and balance for the instrument.

35 inch scale with 25 frets.
Equipped with Lace Bass Bars pickups creating many tone possibilities.

Available customisation with different string quantity (4,56, and more), wood selection, exclusive tops, inlays, colours and high end hardware.


We have a huge variety of custom options available – please contact us for each project separately.

Black Bass Aluminum Drop X Black Bass Aluminum Drop X
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Body and Neck:
Canadian Maple Neck-Through Construction
Fingerboard material:
Back cover:
Scale length:
35 inch scale
Neck reinforcements:
Two Carbon Fibber Rods and Truss Rod
Mate Black
2 Lace Bass Bars Pickups
Graph tech
Single String Bridges from Bell Brass
Tuning machines:
Gotoh Lightweight Tuners.
Volume & Tone control / Push-pull, 3 way pickup selector
Contact to order
Contact to order
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