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About guitars

Lava Drops instruments are the mediators between human and nature. We believe that creating a Lava Drop is not just creating a musical instrument. By connecting art, technology and very unique materials with their unique properties we gain the step into the future – the possibility to feel the universe that you will own for your lifetime and leave to the other generations.


What you can see on our internet page is our Lava Drops model line up. To order one write us to or press here to send us a message and we will guide you to become a truly Lava Drops family member.

There are several ways how Lava Drops could be approached:

  1. By ordering one of our models from the Lava Drops collection.
  2. Find your dream Lava Drop that we have in stock.
  3. Request custom builds Lava Drop guitar.

Depending on the specific model, crafting time could take from 3 to 6 months and even more. Creating an instrument is a very sensitive experience so we do not like to rush while building it. The wood and other materials preparation, treatment is a time-consuming thing that will lead to the end result of the build. Furthermore, we mainly build our instruments by hand to see every detail that is important. To handcraft each Lava Drops Guitar takes a lot of concentration and devotion.

There is also a very interesting process to order a custom build project from Lava Drops specially designed for the personality who orders one. Each Lava Drop is created as an individual functional art piece.

Each human is different – the same is with custom build Lava Drops. For this process, we take a special concept developing time to create a guitar.

We love to know your personality before creating a concept, know more about your individual lifestyle, nature and surroundings you are living in. Your passion for something or someone and your specific character dictate the ideas that could settle down to a custom built Lava Drop project and be the inspiration for us to create one of a kind masterpiece.


We create art pieces that are inspired by nature. Built from Its natural resources, the best what nature can provide to us.

Best quality and often very rare materials are being used to create each Lava Drops Guitar.  Lava Drops was founded on the principle of cross-pollination between the fields of acoustics and modern instrument design concepts. Crafted using ultra-authentic materials: black amber, aircraft aluminium, a meteorite from the atmosphere, bell brass, exotic and sustainable hardwoods, titanium, silver, gold, stiffened volcanic lava, etc.

Rare and sustainable wood combinations mainly joined by our unique neck-trough or set neck constructions to give a perfect balance between the endless resonating voice of the guitar and visual character. Each wood piece we use has an individual grain and tone. Maple, Ebony, Mahogany, Padauk, Wenge etc. Just several examples of the Lava Drops wood library.

We use a different kind of metals in a combination with the wood. The Lava Drop X instruments family is a result of a combination between aluminium that gives a higher frequency and warmer Mahogany wood. This particular material contrast gives a perfect balance for the tone and sustain. Stainless steel, bell brass are often being used to create one of a kind Lava Drops details like a bridge, tuners etc. X family represents a modern view to the artistic world, design and technology.

Even more, Lava Drops have been known for their unique approach to incorporate materials that have a millennium touch as the 50 million years old Baltic amber and the black amber the fossilized tree resin produced by the pine trees that grew up in the Northern Europe, Baltic region before the ice age/Neolithic times. The Black Amber Drop – collector piece ar the result of this prehistoric experience. Amber is also considered by many to have therapeutic properties due to its high level of succinic acid, a compound said to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These Drops as an instrument have a very fast and striking response to notes and chords from the rigidity of the amber itself.

And of course, the meteorite from the atmosphere. Yes, you heard that right! We have approached a first in the world unique technology to use the meteorite from the space to use it for our instruments and incorporate it to the one of a kind Lava Drops guitars. After long years of research of this unearthly material aspect and unique properties, we finally created the connection between space and earth.

Each material has it’s sound profile and it’s own history. Our mission is to tame these precious materials in a one of a kind drop shaped playable art pieces. By joining these materials together we create a palette of sounding visual experiences.


Every Lava Drops instrument is moulded as a unique sculptural piece with artistic care and vision that has a value to it and adds to your stage presence. Each guitar has a vivid work of art personality compared to conveyor belt replicas. Combined with avant-garde technological know-how these instruments are capable of advancing instinctive originality. They provide clarity in their prolonged notes along with subtler degrees of tonal character.

All Lava Drops guitars are shaped after actual physical drops to give some tangible ergonomic enhancement for a player to benefit from and in the same way represents the symbol of harmony in nature. The elegantly streamlined forms of the slim guitar body provide functional benefits for the musician as well as deep roots of Lava Drops design philosophy. Guitar bodies that smoothly nestle like a cat on a lap. Gold and black details and ebony fingerboards remind of those timeless lava flows set in stone. Aviation grade aluminium alloy sparkles in contrast to matte volcanic rock inlays on the guitar neck. All that multiplied by master luthier care and craftsmanship and transform the instruments into a boutique collector’s piece.