How to choose the right Lava Drops model?



Lava Drops boutique guitars connect sound and design creating exclusive one of a kind functional musical art pieces to enlarge musical playability and creativity. These guitars were born in continuous explorations of undiscovered synthesis of nature and its acoustic vibrations. All Lava Drops guitars are shaped after actual physical drops to give some tangible ergonomic enhancement for a player to benefit from and in the same way represents the symbol of harmony in nature. Each Lava Drop is created from authentic and natural nature resources: from materials like 50 million years amber stones, meteorites from cosmos, exclusive and sustainable wood, bell brass, aircraft grade aluminum, different stones and materials that have their own history. Woods, other materials and metals twist into the final and unique tone. It is the elegance inspired by nature that connects the past and the future. There are 4 different concepts of these handcrafted guitar models. So we are here to help you choose the right Lava Drops guitar model for you.


The Lava Drop - unique instrument with traditional visualization but modern approach

Lava Drop is one of the most popular guitar models that we have created and it is perfect for those who are looking for a traditional form of guitar with a modern touch. This guitar model was inspired by the ability to connect different types of wood and other materials from the earth into one fine functional piece of art and tool for the musician. Lava Drop model can be created from different natural materials and will have pure nature colours inspired by forests, mountains, blue sky, rocks, amber stone or even meteorites. One of the most exclusive variations of Lava Drop Model is created with real meteorite stone from cosmos inlays to the wood body connecting earth with space (The Deep Space Drop) or model crafted from 50 million years old amber stones from the Baltic Sea (the Black Amber Drop#1 and the Black amber Drop #2).

Lava Drop model has two horns - comfortable and ergonomic for the perfect balance, this guitar allows you to reach the highest notes easily. Also, instruments from this model are crafted with neck-through or set-neck construction which gives very long note sustain that you can feel through entire body while playing it. Lava Drop is a result of an inspiration from the nature created from different natural materials from the earth that allows you to dive into your exclusive musical journey. 

The Lava Uni Drop - the merge of classics and East culture wanting to create microtonal sounds

This is a deluxe fretless instrument model handcrafted using a neck-through construction of highest quality woods. It is created for those who love orientalism or have some passion for the East and its culture. Nevertheless this exceptional piece of art can be the instrument to anyone's musical journey who is eager to create music with microtonal sounds. The Lava Uni Drop guitar has a very slim, attenuated and ergonomic body and lighter structure with the shape of the actual Drop. It is designed to serve as an uninhibited and spontaneous source of inherent musical creativity while your fingers slide smoothly and uninterrupted from around one fingerboard side to another exploring microtones. The idea of this Lava Uni Drop guitar concept was born as a result of a desire to combine the East countries old instruments with classical string instruments trough moder electric guitar perspective. With this electric guitar everybody can create totally different sounds and music. Lava Uni Drop guitar is perfect for jazz, world-music, blues tunes or may be even for a distinctive style invented by yourself. 

The Lava Drop X - the most modern and avant garde concept

This Lava Drops model is the most modern and futuristic musical art piece from our selection. The concept of the Lava Drop X has won the global and prestigious Red Dot Design Award. This guitar is an exceptional instrument which main body is built from Mahogany family wood, European Maple and different types of fingerboard wood including Padauk, Ebony, Pau Ferro etc. All together combined with aircraft grade aluminum contour. The harmony between warm hardwood and aircraft grade aluminum contour connect the past and the future and create unimaginable resonance and fascinating sustain at the same time giving you a very high frequency. The idea to use aluminium for the contour is one of Lava Drops Guitars signature marks. It reinforces the instrument with improved vibrations which enlarges longer sustain and gives that shining attention on the stage. Kill switch (mute button) function is also incorporated in this model. This modern, avant garde instrument is a vision of a future, it is handcrafted for exceptional musicians and will definitely remain as a family relic for a long time. 

The Bass Drop X - uniqueness combining Lava Drop and Lava Drop X models together

This model was created after the idea to merge the Lava Drop ( double horn ) and Drop X models in one. Using the aluminum contour which improves the sustain of the instrument together with base material hardwoods like, Maple, Mahogany, Ash, Korina, Padauk etc. First of this model instruments was the Black Bass Aluminum Drop X - 5 string and 35 inch scale modern bass vision that could be customised according the needs. This model design could fit a Lava Drops 6,7,8 string guitars or a bass concept.


 Lava Drops guitars are handcrafted and created specially for you in our boutique shop in Lithuania, Vilnius/Europe. We create every piece of art with passion and attention to the details. After you choose one of the Lava Drops guitar models you can either pick from one of our already created variations that you can find on our website Premium Standard line or the Custom Gallery (which is only the very small part of what can be created) or you can have your own personal version of Lava Drop created. All of our guitars are available in different colours and different kinds of metals in a combination with a wide gallery of wood selection. If you decide to get a custom project there are many different options for your exclusive musical instrument. You can choose whether you want a Solid body or Hollow body guitar with rare and sustainable wood or even reclaimed wood combinations mainly joined by our neck-through or set-neck constructions to give a perfect balance between the endless resonating voice of the guitar and ergonomic character. Also many different incrustation variations are applicable including abalone shells, volcanic lava, meteorite from cosmos, amber stone, all sorts of wood and precious stones, metal, gold and what your vision could dictate.

You can also choose whether you want your guitar to have 6, 7 or 8 string for the solid body and 4,5,6 strings for the bass models with different fret numbers and scales (usual 25.5 inch scale or custom multi-scale options like 25.5/26.5  for the guitars and 34, 35 inch and other options including multi-scale for the Bass). We can also offer True Temperament stainless steel frets with multi-scale or usual options. Frets can be made out of Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel but it is also possible to make any model in fretless version.  We always use the high end hardware parts for bridge and tuners with the colour selection that could be combined together: Black, Gold, Chrome. For the bridge selection we offer single bridges made from Bell Brass or Aluminum, Tune-o-matic style bridges with strings through body option, hardtail bridges, some tremolo systems are also available for custom projects.

Just let us know your desires, we will advise you in the best possible way and we will create the art piece that will be perfect for you and your vision.


Lava Drops are handcrafted pieces of art with a unique approach to connect nature, music and artist. Our mission is to create instruments that reflect nature vibrations. We believe that through sound and resonance of musical instrument human can directly connect with nature and be inspired. By taking inspirations from nature organic aesthetics, joining them with modern technologies through minimal design perspective we create collectable functional musical art pieces. 

With the sound and form of Lava Drops we create emotions.