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Lava Drop X

The most cutting-edge model in the Lava-drop  line and a tour de force technology-wise it is handcrafted from a sturdy block of rare Merbau wood. Master shipwrights do select this timber for vessels that ought to withstand more extreme conditions due to its high degree of natural durability and strength. Tonal character is warm and full. Aircraft grade aluminum alloy contour perfectly balances the guitar body and instills aesthetic elegancy into this unique instrument affirming its premium status. Its fatigue strength is higher and it has particularly good resistance to divots and even marine atmosphere and saltwater corrosion. Also this model features 24 jumbo frets and is incrusted with genuine petrified volcanic lava flow inlays. 

An integrated laser MIDI  controller will captivate your audience with various stage setups while connected to either a computer, pedal or a synthesizer. Included in the package you will find a power suply unit and CV/MIDI LAVA converter  which connects to your computer via USB port. Equipped with 1 bridge "Lace deathbucker” which has a coil split. Has 2 different pickup combinations and tone/volume control. Perfect for rock, electronic music, blues, hard rock tunes. 

Computer programs like: Ableton, Pro tools, Cubase or any digital audio workstation could be used while connected to Lava Drop X  guitar through the Lava Drop X  Interface module. 

LAVA Drop X connections: JACK Out, 9 or 7-PIN XLR Out.

Lava Drop X Interface module connections: 9 or 7-PIN XLR In, Midi DIN Out, CV Out, GATE Out, JACK Out, USB, Power supply In. 

Unique feature: You are able to change your fingerboard played chords with laser technology configuration that is in a class of its own.


wood: Merbau bridge: from Bell Brass metal 
fingerboard: Merbau tuning machines: from Bell Brass metal 
finish: mat control knob: volume/split, tone control
neck scale length: 648/25.5” switch: 1 laser on/off, 1 laser instant button
nut: ABM roller pickups: 1 Lace Deathbucker
nut width: 43 mm hardware color: chrome